Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zebra Bedding - Safari Dreaming

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Zebra bedding is definitely "in" right now. All the major chain stores have it from Walmart up to Neiman Marcus. There are many places on-line like and where you can purchase zebra prints as well. The price and quality range from bed-in-a-bag sets around $100 up to luxurious full zebra bedding designs for around $500.

Zebra design for the bedroom can easily work for any age person. It can be very classy for adults. A zebra bedroom can be very edgy for a teenager. It can also be very fun and adventurous for children. It's pretty neat the way zebra bedding can cross over such a wide age range.

Zebra bedding in and of itself is neutral in color for an adult bedroom. Picking the color of the accessory items is what controls the vibe of the room. Having decorative pillows with bold colors such as red can spice up the room making it fairly provocative while soft color accessories create a relax feeling with elegance.

A child can have a safari style room with zebra bedding. Think of the hours of fun your kid can have with their friends in his or her jungle themed room. Of course, you'll soon get very tired of all the animal noises coming from it.

Even though the zebra bedding is the focal point of the bedroom, you can compliment it with many other zebra style items. In today's world, if you have an obsession with something, there seems to be no end to the way you can satisfy your desire. On the market, there are zebra pattern pictures, rugs, and towels. You can purchase all sorts of zebra stripe clothes and your desk can be chalk full of zebra nick-nacks. Let's not forget, you must have a zebra stuffed animal to complete your bedroom. :-)

Have fun decorating your room. Be wild and may your nights be filled with adventurous African dreams.

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